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Targeted Email Marketing Services

Are you hesitant to include email marketing as part of your online promotional strategy? Do you feel that emails have become too spammy to be effective? More than 75% of successful online marketers use email marketing to achieve higher ROI.
The main reason why email marketing is used so widely as a primary online marketing tool is that it can reach those users who aren't on social media. More than 94% of internet users use email, not all are on social media or use social media sparingly.
Through email marketing software you can track who is opening your email or who is clicking on your websites through an email promotion. It is an excellent tool for retaining customers and building brand loyalty.
With email marketing, you can target already engaged customers (or potential customers) as they have provided their emails and shown interest in your company. With this data, it now becomes comparatively easy to pitch your services and products.
Here are the steps we use to help you to run a successful email marketing campaign:
1. Set clear goals
2. Identify the target audience, release date and time
3. Craft an email that is direct, easy and simple to read
4. Use eye-catchy templates that trigger user action
5. We help you plan your follow-up emails
247LiveIT understands that people receive tons of emails per day and so our experts design emails in a manner that are simple, easy to ready and effective. Besides using eye catchy templates and concise content, emails are designed encourage customer’s action.

Beautiful Layouts

Engaging Content

Clear Calls-To-Action

Engage Your Customers

Our emails are structured effectively which encourages client action. The emails are articulated in a simple manner using eye catchy template so that it can grab quick attention from the client. So, talk to our experts ASAP and know more about the deliverables and pricing information.

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High ROI

Email marketing can yield a higher ROI compared to any other than marketing strategies. It can generate up to $ 38 or more for each $1 you spend on targeted email marketing strategies.


Track Statistics

We track every data such as spam complaints, conversions and open rates to evaluate targeted email performance to ensure the results are as per the expectation. If it reflects a different picture, we immediately adjust our strategy to solve the problem.


Works on Multiple Devices

Desktop websites appear differently on mobile phones. And, sometimes due to this gap businesses lose innumerable leads. So, our team not only focuses on desktop websites but also ensures that your website on mobile provides the same amount of experience to the user. Our graphic designer teams prudently structures templates keeping this major aspect in mind so that conversion rate does not get affected.


It’s a Collaboration

Our organization prioritizes transparency and so whatever marketing strategies we adopt or implement for your website, we ensure that you are in the loop so that you are informed and updated about every details of the ad campaign. Only after seeking your approval we proceed with the marketing strategies for your website.

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