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5 Crucial Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Track

  • 04 May - 2022

There are endless components of email marketing. No matter how well-optimized or well-written your emails, email marketing metrics are critical in gauging success.

Here are five crucial email metrics that you should track as suggested by 247LiveIT, a digital marketing company.


Click-throughs are the percentage of recipients who clicked on one or multiple links contained in an email. The click-through rates are the most common way email marketers track a campaign's success.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are the percentages of email recipients who had clicked on links within an email and finished an intended function such as filling out a form or buying a particular product. When an email link is clicked, the aim is to get the viewer to take action.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are the percentages of emails that could not be successfully delivered to the inboxes of the recipients. Bounce rates are for calculating the quality of the sender's emails. When you measure bounce rates, you get a good idea about the quality of your subscribers' list.

Open Rate

Open rates have long been one of the most straightforward and universally used metrics to evaluate an email campaign. Open rates track the percentage of the subscribers who open specific emails. Open rates give valuable insights into the extent of engagement of the subscribers and the level of effectiveness of various subject lines.

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