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Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies

  • 03 January - 2022

We have been dealing with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic for two years. For companies, big or small, trying to survive through this turmoil, implementing different strategies including digital marketing has turned out to be the most successful in keeping and gaining new customers.

Experts at a digital marketing company in Simi Valley 247LiveIT say companies can develop successful digital marketing campaigns by promoting their products/services to a broader audience. Knowing how to deliver the best results at minimum cost is the key.

Here are tried and tested digital marketing strategies.

Create a Good Website

According to 247LiveIT, to rise above the competition requires a high-quality, interactive website. Think from a user perspective. Keep in mind factors like speed, user interface, design and security.

The website must be optimized for both mobile devices and PCs since 51% of total Internet browsing is done via mobile devices. The design should be simple and responsive with a quick loading time.

Pro tip: Update your website from time to time using the latest design trends.

Have a Robust Social Media Presence

Nowadays, almost all business owners understand the value of social media. Having a robust social media presence is crucial to sustaining your business through the most challenging times.

An outdated social media profile will not attract customers.  Invest in the time to pick a social media platform that will work for your business and maintain a posting schedule.

Pro tip: To boost your engagement rate and connect more people to your social media profile, post relevant and trending memes.

Be wise with digital marketing tools

Digital marketing is not a single concept. Instead, it is an amalgamation of video strategies for different channels like Point Per Click, SEO and social media.

To ensure that you run effective campaigns, develop an integrated marketing mix and incorporate the right digital marketing tools.

Pro tip: Find the digital avenues that work for your business and then devise the right marketing strategies for each.

To learn more, contact one of the leading digital marketing companies in Simi Valley, 247LiveIT, today for a free consultation at 877-382-0922 or go to

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