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The Right Way For Businesses To Respond To Online Reviews

  • 03 January - 2022

Online reviews can have a tremendous impact on a business. Five-star reviews generate confidence in your product or service by potential customers. One and two-star reviews are red flags. How you respond to both good and bad reviews is just as critical as the reviews themselves.

Bad Ratings

A business' typical reaction to a poor review is to either ignore the review or respond quickly with a rushed, emotional answer. Neither is the right approach. Instead, read the review objectively. Does the customer have a legitimate concern? If so, are there new procedures you could implement to avoid another disappointing customer experience? Don't give a generic "We're sorry." Make sure you convey that you're really listening. If a product is defective, offer a solution—repair, credit, replacement or refund. Be willing to communicate by phone if necessary. Go the extra mile. Customers reading your reply will see that you're truly sincere. They are more likely to come away with a positive impression of your company regardless of the negative review.

Good Ratings 

A glowing review requires a response as well. An immediate thank you shows that you appreciate and value the customer's business. The response reinforces their belief that they made the right choice in doing business with your company. Potential customers reading your response come away with a good feeling about your business.

One way to ensure you stay on top of all online reviews (good and bad) is to enlist the services of a digital marketing agency. The digital marketing experts at 247liveIT monitor reviews and then work with clients to help set the right tone and content of the response.

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