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Qualities of a Good Website

  • 04 January - 2022

A website needs to be likable, intuitive and contain information that users want. 247LiveIT, a leading digital marketing agency in Chatsworth, talks here about the top 5 characteristics of a good website.

Original and Fresh Content
Consider the originality of the website. With originality, a website can stand out; distinct from other websites offering similar products or services. Never allow content to become outdated. It must be continually refreshed. 

Well-Designed Graphics
Incorporate well-designed graphics that are eye-catching and help users navigate the site. Simple graphics are better as they avoid user frustration. Use the latest website designs that transfer seamlessly to mobile devices. 

Simple Yet Functional
Although websites should be simple, but the function should not be neglected. Look at the design as a consumer coming to the site for the first time. Does it tell your story effectively? Offer easy access to products and services? Provide contact info to answer questions? A simple payment/delivery process for purchases? Are all links working properly?

Experts at 247LiveIT say that the site's information should be checked and double-checked. Your website is a reflection of your business. A less than credible or outdated site will reflect poorly on your business. Keep it current and accurate.

The functionality and credibility of the website should be considered, but just as important is the security of the website. The internet world is uncertain and erratic, and cybercrime protection should be given high priority. Make sure your website uses the latest secure systems so your users' privacy and safety are protected.  

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